Site work

sillbeam korjaus


Collision damage repair at customer site without interrupting other harbour operations.



Any kind of paintwork can be done at customer site.

crane moves

Crane relocation

Dozens of crane relocation operations undertaken globally over the years.


part assembly model

Part assembly 3D model

By 3D modeling we ensure the optimal fit of the parts in subassemblies. The model also enables work phase planning in case of difficult welding access.

layout planning model

Whole structure 3D model

3D modeling enables comprehensive production layout planning and collision detection of subassemblies for the final product.


workforce to your factory

Workforce to Your factory

Levator provides skilled employees with foremen to your workshop and site. Accommodation can be arranged if needed.

renting capacity in Hanko

Providing capacity in Hanko

Levator can provide manufacturing capacity in it’s premises in Hanko. Terms can include floor space, welding consumables, workforce, storage capacity, harbour services etc.