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Torture testing the Kemppi X8 MIG Welder


FOUR MONTHS OF TORTURE TESTING: Durability, reliability, and usability of welding equipment is crucial to Levator's productivity in fabricating heavy cranes and components for offshore projects. Kemppi's X8 MIG Welder excelled in a four-month, 24/6 torture test at Levator's workshop with zero faults during the test period. Read more:

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Beatrice windfarm transition pieces delivered


Levator and Gridins have completed the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm transition piece project for Bladt. As planned in the beginning of the project the last shipment took place early September during 3rd quarter 2017. Altogether 30 transition pieces were fabricated and painted in Levator Hanko facilities before shipping them to Bladt's Lindø facility in Denmark.

Beatrice windfarm transition piece fabrication


Offshore windfarm topsides


Levator and Gridins have been chosen to fabricate transition pieces to the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm. This offshore wind farm will be located 13.5 kilometers off the coast in the Scottish part of the North Sea. Contract includes steel work and surface treatment and the work has been started. Deliveries will start during 1st quarter of 2017 and the whole order is completed by 3rd quarter of 2017.

"About Beatrice
The £2.6bn Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) project has been given the green light for construction by owners SSE (40%), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) (35%) and Red Rock Power Limited (25%) after reaching Financial Close on 23 May 2016. The project will be one of the largest private investments ever made in Scottish infrastructure."

Two more Debarking drums in fabrication


Levator has received an order of two big debarking drums steel structure manufacturing to a major debarking drum supplier. The fabrication takes place during the spring and summer 2016 and the deliveries will take place during 3rd quarter of the year.

Wikinger windfarm transition pieces completed


Wikinger offshore windfarm project for Bladt is now completed. In time and with quality. The last five transition pieces were shipped on 11.7.2016. So in 12 months between July 2015 and July 2016 there were altogether 41 transition pieces fabricated. The video gives good overview of the process.

Topsides on the move


Wikinger offshore windfarm topsides are starting to be shipped. The first six topsides have been delivered to Bladt's Lindø Facility in Denmark.

Process cranes


Levator received an order of three heavy duty process cranes from Konecranes. SSAB Europe mill in Raahe, Finland will receive a molten metal handling crane with 140/32 tons lifting capacity and heavy duty slab handling crane with 50 tons lifting capacity during April and May 2016. Boliden Harjavalta's smelter in Harjavalta, Finland will receive a 50 ton process crane in February 2016.

Offshore windfarm topsides


Levator and Gridins Group have entered into an agreement with Bladt Industries A/S to manufacture 41 offshore wind turbine topsides to Iberdrola Wikinger offshore windfarm. This 350-megawatt wind farm is located off the coast of the island of Rügen, Germany. The fabrication will take place in Levator Oy facilities in Hanko, Finland. First topsides will be delivered during third quarter 2015.

10 RTG cranes to Bronka harbor


Levator builds ten RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry) cranes to Konecranes. Crane's lifting capacity is 50 t and maximum lifting height is 1 over 5. The scope included steel structure fabrication, surface treatment and erection. Deliveries took place during second and third quarter of 2015 to allow operation of start-up complex of MMPK Bronka in second half of 2015.

World's biggest debarking drum


Paper mill in Sweden will receive a world's biggest debarking drum, made by Levator. The steel structure length is 42 m, diameter is 5.5 m and weight over 250 tons. The delivery took place mid 2015.

Two STS cranes to Port of Oslo


Levator and Konecranes have entered into an agreement to build two Panamax-size STS cranes to Port of Oslo. Due to the very strict noise limits in Port area the cranes will be built to be very quiet using most advanced noise reduction knowledge and technology. The scope includes steel structure fabrication and surface treatment of the upper part of the cranes and trolleys as well as the erection. The cranes were delivered during third quarter 2015.