plate cutting portal


7.2 m * 28 m oxyfuel cutting for plates up to 300 mm, 3 m * 14 m portal for plasma cutting for plates up to 20 mm. 3D-laser cutting for large dimensions.

part preparation

Part preparation

Bevelling and prefabrication for fast and efficient fabrication.



Basic machining capabilities for prefabrication. Line boring for very large work pieces.


plate portal

Plate portals

Two portals for joining plates, installing and welding of stiffeners and backing square bars (4 m * 42 m, 1 m * 42 m). One sided butt welding against copper backing to avoid unnecessary turning of the plates. Welding of four stiffeners simultaneously. Allows very efficient manufacturing for large product volumes.

railed floor area


Two separate floor areas with railing can be used flexibly to optimize plate fabrication based on structural requirements. A separate levelled floorbed for high accuracy work.

Steel structure assembly

box assembly portal

Box assembly portal

Box structures are assembled in a matter of hours using assembly portal. Maximum size of structure is 36 m * 1.2 m * 3.5 m.


Normal assembly area

Large structures can be assembled flexibly to optimize box assembly based on structural requirements. A separate levelled floorbed for high accuracy work. Height under the crane hooks is 9.5 m.

high hall

High assembly area

Higher area in the workshop accommodates tall structures that can be lifted out using openable roof. Height under the crane hooks is 23 m.

Tubular structures

plate rolling

Plate rolling

Two rolling machines. Max (S355) 40 mm @ 3000 mm and 60 mm @ 2500 mm up to 6000 mm diameter. Larger diameter is possible with special arrangements.

joining blocks

Joining blocks

Tandem-SAW tower for two growing lines to join circular blocks. Two tubular structures can be fabricated simultaneously. Standard roller capacity up to 300t. Heavier structures possible with special arrangements.

Surface treatment

long paint hall

Paint shop for long items

60 m * 10 m * 10 m shop to accommodate long blocks in one piece. Alternatively, paintshop can be separated to number of smaller areas for simultaneous paintwork of different items.

high paint hall

Tall paint hall

23 m * 23 m * 23 m hall to accommodate big blocks in one piece. Crane on the ceiling for flexible access.

Assembly yard

large assembly area

Large assembly yard

Large assembly yard enables erection of several STS cranes simultaneously.

workshop roof access

Workshop roof access

Tall products can be moved in and out of the workshop through an openable roof using assembly yard gantry crane.

high lifting capacity

High lifting capacity

Joining of 200t blocks for main girder using gantry crane, modern welding technics and top-of the art measuring systems.