Levator Oy in brief

assembly in winter condition
STS crane assembly in winter conditions

Manufacturing cranes and other heavy steel structures in Hanko was started in 1969 when Kone Corporation established the factory in Koppnäs. Since then, the factory has evolved, changed ownership and ended up as Levator Oy. Company is still today fabricating cranes of all sizes, pressure vessels and other steel structures. Company employs directly and indirectly around 100 persons.

There are number of advantages in steel structure manufacturing in Levator. One is the location in the southernmost tip of Finland and having own harbor with two piers. The depth of the pier is 8 meters. The climate in Baltic sea is very seldom such that the sea around Hanko cape freezes. Other advantages are the large outside assembly yard, vast storage area (over 10 hectares), high workshop (under the hooks 23 meters) and 200t gantry crane that can lift up to 50 meters. With special arrangements lifting capacity is 400t.

Over the years Levator has manufactured, painted, assembled and transported numerous gantry, STS, industrial overhead and RTG cranes, straddle carriers, wind turbine towers, autoclaves, subsea products etc.


Torture testing the Kemppi X8 MIG Welder


FOUR MONTHS OF TORTURE TESTING: Durability, reliability, and usability of welding equipment is crucial to Levator's productivity in fabricating heavy cranes and components for offshore projects. Kemppi's X8 MIG Welder excelled in a four-month, 24/6 torture test at Levator's workshop with zero faults during the test period. Read more:

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Beatrice windfarm transition pieces delivered


Levator and Gridins have completed the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm transition piece project for Bladt. As planned in the beginning of the project the last shipment took place early September during 3rd quarter 2017. Altogether 30 transition pieces were fabricated and painted in Levator Hanko facilities before shipping them to Bladt's Lindø facility in Denmark.



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